In 1991, Suzanne Gagnon and chef Daniel Vézina open the first Laurie Raphaël in Quebec City where they begin a new gastronomic adventure. Back then, they face the challenge of developing and building, with local producers and artisans, a rich cuisine from our region.

In 1996, proud of the success of the past 5 years, the two audacious, engaged and passionate partners invest and acquire their actual space on Dalhousie Street. That’s when Daniel Vezina starts is media career and discovers his talent in communication. His participation in various TV shows allows him to share with the audience his culinary values and his belonging to Quebec’s terroir.

In 2005, the two accomplice transformed the space in a restaurant-workshop-boutique. The signature is entirely local, designed by artisans and designers from Québec. This innovative concept, in addition to offering a gourmet restaurant, offers the customers the opportunity to take cooking lessons with Daniel Vézina or to buy homemade products at the boutique.

In 2008, having reached a recognized reputation well beyond Quebec, a great opportunity opens up for them and a second Laurie Raphael is created in Montreal in the beautiful Le Germain Hôtel. The association of Laurie Raphaël and this group, which share the same values, is instantly a great partnership and remains a success to this day

Also in 2008, their son Raphaël Vézina returns to Quebec after an absence of 3 years of studies abroad. He comes back with in his pocket a diploma in hospitality and culinary arts from Paul Augier school of Hospitality and Tourism in Nice, France. As passionate about gastronomy as his parents, he runs Laurie Raphaël Montréal’s kitchen for 2 years, then Quebec’s since 2012. Entrepreneur and creative, Raphael is taking over and is now co-owner with his sister Laurie-Alex, of the brand Laurie Raphaël.

In 2016, after 25 years, Laurie Raphaël enters a new gastronomic era. The 4 partners have decided to offer their client the restaurant of their dream, a completely redesigned intimate universe where the customer is at the center of the experience. Their vision is a hymn to the beauty of the products, the importance of renewing and offering customers a scalable and authentic gourmet menu. From the entrance to the exit, the customer is at the center of the experience, in a space favorable to the discovery, a yet unmatched proximity. Everything was thought to give a both visual and culinary experience to the client. From the kitchen to the dining room meets the talent of Quebec artists representing our land, our architecture and our culture.