Quebec terroir

For the past 25 years, we've been developping partnerships with microproducers from Quebec in order to create with them a  proper cuisine from our land.

Laurie Raphaël is a platform, a scene, a pretext for the enhancement of the hard work done by people from the land often forgotten. We are more convinced than ever of the importance of the role we occupy in the chain of success for an authentic, respected and lucrative terroir for its artisans.

Stop food waste

Since the beginning, the tolerance or food waste in our business is 0. We have developed many culinary techniques over the years in order to use the product and to cook it from the root to the leaf. That's how we prevent food waste directly at the source.

Challenges as recycling and composting are huge but we finally feel the openness and support, slow but progressive, from different municipal and governmental levels.

Chef Daniel Vézina himself is considered as the standard bearer of the thoughtful cuisine, without food waste. His 6th cookbook is completely dedicated to it. He wants to share with the people some recipes that will help them eat well without wasting any food and also teach them how to recycle, reuse and conserve leftovers or surplus.

Give back to the community

Laurie Raphaël is involved and as been involved with many social and medical causes in 25 years. Here is a few examples: Bone marrow transplant foundation from Eastern Quebec, Gilles-Kègle foundation, Old-Dreams foundation, CHU de Québec foundation, Serge Bruyères foundation and many others.

Protect marine ressources

Since the summer of 2009, Exploramer proposes the "Smarter Seafood, for the sound management of marine resources" certification program that encourages restaurants and fish markets to offer lesser known products chosen from the numerous edible species found in the St. Lawrence Gulf, in the prospect of sustainable development and the protection of biodiversity.

By integrating new marine species in restaurant menus and fish markets, Smarter Seafood aims to bring the population to diversify its consumption of Quebec's marine products and therefore allow fishermen to diversify their catch and in this way, contribute to reducing pressure on species at risk.

Laurie Raphaël is proud to be one of the certified restaurants of Quebec City since April 2016.