Laurie Raphaël enters a new gastronomic era. A chic restaurant, an intimate universe where the customer is at the center of the experience.

The gastronomic, scalable and authentic menu is an hymn to the beauty of the products from our land and its artisans.

The menu created by our chefs Daniel Vézina and Raphaël Vézina is presented to you with 5 themes, each representing their culinary philosophy:


New arrival

Nature has cycles that we know by hearth. We combine creativity with freshness, while respecting the inspiring constraints of our habitat.

Heritage and traditions

They are valuable dishes because they live in our childhood memories. We extract the essence to go beyond nostalgia. These unforgettable flavors like material for a new culinary poetry.

Cuisines and classics

These dishes are so many tributes to priceless. A founder gastronomy that we celebrate with the fervor of those who know that we must control the model in order to better it.

The flavor transmission

The apple does not fall far from the tree, but moves away enough to celebrate the creation of the father while letting the son overcome. Daniel's recipes renewed by Raphaël are a desire for continuity.

The season’s mark

A rich land, living traditions and stunning creations: we celebrate Quebecness by taking it to new heights. Our feet planted in our history, our hands are busy writing tomorrow's.