A cozy feast

At Laurie Raphaël, you immediately notice the warm atmosphere. The decor, the flavour, our attentive service are part of the experience. Talented Quebecois artists and artisans created nearly everything at Laurie Raphaël, from the recycled fur wall hangings to our exclusively designed dinnerware. You will be awed and amazed by our innovations in cooking and fine dining. We set trends and transform every visit in a new experience.


Creative lunch at affordable prices.

Sophisticated dinners, full of surprises.


From your table, with full view of the kitchen, you can watch our chefs at work. This shared gourmet experience is not just for our customers, but for us as well!


Relaxed, sumptuous ambiance. Inventive and warm cuisine. Attentive, professional service. Laurie Raphaël in Québec offers traditional cooking on a silver platter.